What is Dar Hamad?

What is Dar Hamad?

Dar Hamad is the epitome of what an authentic Kuwaiti brand should be. The vision of Dar Hamad was to establish a modern brand to immortalize the traditional Kuwaiti culture and allow it to evolve according to the local taste. Modern architecture represents a luxurious atmosphere inspired by Kuwaiti’s unique sense of hospitality.

The Design

The exterior architecture embodies the rebirth of Al Hamad family house that belonged to the Golden Era of Kuwait’s history. The interior design reflects the traditional Kuwaiti ‘Sandoog’ while incorporating a modern atmosphere. Dar Hamad is comprised of five sections: the Restaurant, Outdoor Terrace, Chai lobby, Banqueting, & Sandoog Boutique. Each section represents a distinctive aspect of the Kuwaiti culture through preparation of only the finest recipes.

The Food Experience

What makes Dar Hamad complete is its creative implementation of the Kuwaiti cuisine. The cookery was carefully shaped to include influences from The Arabian Peninsula, Persia, India, and the Mediterranean to embrace the entirety of a modern Kuwaiti taste palate. Kuwait’s distinctive hospitality is also represented in the food with rich portion being a central guideline in food presentation.

Overall, Dar Hamad is the complete package of Kuwaiti cultural influences, contemporary design and exceptional food craftsmanship


“To become a leading destination in the Gulf Region offering an authentic Kuwaiti cuisine experience and hospitality.”


Dar Hamad is an authentic Kuwaiti Brand inspired by memories of the Kuwaiti renaissance era of the 1970’s, and 1980’s. The visual appearance represents a rebirth of the traditional ‘Dar Hamad’ that dates back to the golden era. The base ingredients, which are now the favourites of the local taste buds, allow Dar Hamad’s guests to taste the originality and authenticity of the food experienced back then. Its traditional, unique look and style along with a modern touch sets the ambience for a high-end, genuinely Kuwaiti experience.

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